Life Insurance Corporation of India

Life Insurance Corporation of India

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC): A Trusted Name in Insurance

Life Insurance Corporation of India, commonly known as LIC, is the largest insurance company in India, offering a wide range of insurance products to meet the needs of individuals and families. With a rich history dating back to 1956, LIC has been providing financial security to millions of people across the country. Let’s take a closer look at LIC and its role in the Indian insurance industry.

History and Origins of LIC

LIC was established on September 1, 1956, after the nationalization of 245 private insurance companies in India. The company was created with the goal of providing affordable insurance to people across the country, especially those from lower-income backgrounds.

In its early years, LIC faced several challenges, including a lack of infrastructure and trained personnel. However, the company persevered, and over time, it grew into a leading insurance provider in India.

Insurance Products of LIC

LIC offers a wide range of insurance products to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Some of the key products offered by the company include:

  1. Life Insurance: LIC offers a variety of life insurance policies, including term insurance, endowment plans, money-back policies, and unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs).
  2. Health Insurance: LIC offers a health insurance policy called Jeevan Arogya, which covers hospitalization expenses and provides a lump-sum benefit in case of a critical illness.
  3. Pension Plans: LIC offers pension plans, such as Jeevan Akshay VI and Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana, which provide a regular income to retirees.
  4. Group Insurance: LIC offers group insurance policies, such as group term insurance, group superannuation, and group gratuity, to employers for their employees.

Customer Service of LIC

LIC is known for its customer-centric approach and commitment to providing quality service to its customers. The company has a vast network of agents and branch offices across the country, making it easy for customers to access its services.

LIC also offers several online services, such as online premium payment, policy renewal, and policy purchase. The company has a dedicated customer service team that is available to assist customers with any queries or concerns they may have.

Social Responsibility of LIC

LIC is committed to giving back to society and has undertaken several social responsibility initiatives over the years. Some of the key initiatives include:

  1. Education: LIC has set up several schools and colleges across the country to provide quality education to children from underprivileged backgrounds.
  2. Health: LIC has contributed to the setting up of several hospitals and health clinics across the country to provide quality healthcare to people from all walks of life.
  3. Disaster Relief: LIC has provided financial assistance to people affected by natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes.

Financial Performance of LIC

LIC has consistently performed well in terms of its financial performance. In the financial year 2020-21, the company reported a total premium income of Rs 4.58 lakh crore, and its market share in terms of first-year premium stood at 42.4%. The company has also maintained a healthy solvency ratio of 196.61% as of March 31, 2021, indicating its ability to meet its financial obligations.


Life Insurance Corporation of India is a trusted name in the Indian insurance industry. The company has a rich history and has been providing financial security to millions of people across the country for over six decades. With a wide range of insurance products, a customer-centric approach, and a commitment to social responsibility, LIC is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the years to come.


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