Kalidas Festival

Kalidas Festival

The Kalidas Festival: A Celebration of India’s Literary Heritage

India is a land of rich cultural heritage and diversity, with a long history of literature, poetry, and drama. One of the most celebrated festivals in India is the Kalidas Festival, which is dedicated to the renowned poet and playwright Kalidas. This festival is celebrated every year in the city of Ujjain, located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The festival is a celebration of India’s literary heritage and serves as a platform to showcase the country’s talent in the fields of literature, poetry, and drama. In this article, we will explore the significance of the Kalidas Festival and its various aspects.

The Significance of Kalidas Festival

The Kalidas Festival is named after the legendary poet and playwright Kalidas, who is considered one of the greatest literary figures in Indian history. Kalidas is known for his works like Abhijnanasakuntalam, Vikramorvashiyam, and Raghuvansham, which have been translated into several languages and are still popular among readers across the world. The festival is celebrated in Ujjain, the birthplace of Kalidas, and is a tribute to his legacy.

The festival is an initiative of the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation (MPTDC), in collaboration with the Ujjain Municipal Corporation and the Kalidas Academy. The festival is aimed at promoting the city of Ujjain as a hub of cultural and literary activities and encouraging tourism in the region. The festival provides a platform for artists, poets, and writers to showcase their talents and also features various cultural events, such as musical performances, dance shows, and art exhibitions.

The festival attracts a large number of visitors from all over India and abroad, who come to witness the various events and participate in the celebrations. The festival is also a platform for local artisans and craftsmen to showcase their products, providing an opportunity for them to sell their wares and generate income.

The Festival Schedule

The Kalidas Festival is usually held in November and lasts for three days. The festival features a range of cultural activities and events, including poetry recitals, storytelling sessions, theater performances, and music concerts. The festival also includes an exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and handicrafts, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India.

The festival opens with a grand procession, which includes a tableau depicting the life and works of Kalidas. The procession is accompanied by traditional music and dance performances and attracts a large number of visitors. The festival also features a series of literary discussions and seminars, where eminent writers, poets, and scholars from across India participate and share their insights and experiences.

The festival’s highlight is the Kalidas Samaroh, a series of drama performances that showcase the works of Kalidas and other renowned playwrights. The Samaroh attracts some of the most talented theater artists from India and abroad, who perform on a grand stage set up in the city’s main square. The performances are a treat for theater lovers and showcase the rich traditions of Indian theater.

Another popular event at the festival is the Kavi Sammelan, a poetry recital session where poets from across India showcase their talent. The session is usually held in the evening and attracts a large audience. The festival also features a range of other events, including folk music and dance performances, food fairs, and cultural exhibitions.

The Impact of Kalidas Festival

The Kalidas Festival has had a significant impact on the city of Ujjain and the state of Madhya Pradesh. The festival has put Ujjain on the cultural map of India and has helped in promoting the city as a hub of literary and cultural activities.


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